Old Crescent's Magical Borough

The Enclave

Can't you feel the magic

Old Crescent

In Old Crescent, magical creatures of folklore and fantasy live out their lives within the borders; they are forbidden from leaving their Enclave for fear of revealing the secret.

Every streetlamp in Old Crescent casts a spell: The Glamour. The Glamour disguises magical creatures from human eyes, making them appear unremarkable. Outside of Old Crescent, the Glamour fades quickly, dispelling the disguise.

An unlabeled city map

Old Crescent is divided into four main districts: The Cauldron, the University, Castle Harbor, and the Gardens. The Cauldron comprises the social and living space of Old Crescent: pubs, tenements, markets, and hotels. At the University, scholars research magic and students learn a trade; the surrounding neighborhood is trendy and slightly more modern than the rest of Old Crescent. In the Gardens, apothecaries peddle herbs, witches brew potions, and factories process electroplasm into viable products. The wealthiest residents of Old Crescent live in sprawling estates or luxurious condominiums in Castle Harbor, taking meals at the fancy restaurants overlooking the ocean between insular guild meetings.